Design for How Brains Learn




Do the pre-work for your new curriculum.

If you completed the pre-design survey and are convinced you are clear on what your learners need to do, have identified the most essential skills and knowledge they need to do it, and have addressed the system barriers that could get in the way; you are ready to lay out your content for teaching. But how do you do this in a way that will capture your students’ attention and build focus and motivation to learn the content to meet outcomes in your behavior-change topic?

Design in a way that fits how adults learn.

One good place to start is to understand how brains learn and then lay out your learning activities to map onto these brain processes. Watch the 7-minute video from my upcoming course Design Transformative Curriculum to see what brains do when they encounter new information and how you can align your learning activities to take advantage of this natural cycle.

Get your copy of the learning cycle diagram.

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What questions do you have about designing brain-based curriculum for behavior-change?

I’d like to make sure I’m answering what’s relevant for you when I roll out my new course Design Transformative Curriculum, so please share your frustrations, challenges or need-to-knows in the comments below.